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Save the earth with thoughts we collect

The DREAM BOX Project begins!

Dream Box is a foundation that collects global budgets from all over the world to solve global issues.

Today, our planet is overflowing with various problems from environmental issues, child labor problems, to Kesla Syndrome.

The small power of a single citizen, when gathered together, can become a powerful force like Genki-dama (Spirit Bomb) to solve these problems.

The collected thoughts and aspirations will save the earth.

why we do


Crew members leaving a hole in their ship....

What would you do if there was a hole in the ship you were on?
Even if the passengers are strangers or people you don't like, you would cooperate with them to fix the ship.
But what if we rethink our planet as a ship sailing through space?

Even though the best voyage is one that is safe and enjoyable for all crew members, the ship is on the verge of falling apart due to various problems such as environmental pollution, conflicts between nations, and domestic disputes.
There should be tools, technology, and money available to fix the ship, but the reality is that the tools and money are being used to hurt the crew members of the same ship.
For those who have noticed this oddity, let's change our perspective and use the tools and money we have to fix the ship.
If all crew members are looking in the right direction, the ship called Earth will surely be recovered and will continue to move forward.
Now is the time to gather the power of citizens for the sake of the earth and ourselves who live on it.

our mission


Consolidating our small efforts for a sustainable planet

Various global issues such as food shortage, child labor, radiation, and so on are confronting humankind.
The small power of a single citizen can become a powerful force when gathered together and will surely lead to solutions.
Our mission is to collect global budgets from all over the world and create a future in which all citizens living today can continue to enjoy a safe life and coexist with the planet.

how we do


The DreamBox Solution

We will provide funding to partner NGOs and NPOs or international research periods that are transparently and concretely working on the issues to be solved. DreamBox's initial focus is on water scarcity and the Kessler Syndrome.
We are also looking for partner organizations, so please contact us using this form for further information.

How the projects proceed

There are many Earth Quests that need to be solved, some that have already been addressed and others that have not yet been prominently featured on a large scale.
In the future, we will propose Earth Quests to be solved from among those who donate. From the collected Earth Quests, we will vote on what issues should be prioritized and how donations should be spent, and solve the Earth one by one.

what we do


Putting your thought and fund to the right place.


  • Food Shortage Problem

    Food problems are defined as "food shortages reaching crisis levels." The shortage of food affects the entire society that consumes it, making it difficult to maintain the status quo of the social system.

  • Radiation Problem

    While radiation is used in various areas of human life, it is also a substance that has lifelong effects. Numerous people are being affected by radiation.

  • Kesla Syndrome

    When the density of space debris in the earth's orbit exceeds a certain limit, the amount of space debris will explode due to a chain of collisions and destruction, which will not only make it impossible to conduct space development, but will also have a great impact on humanity.

  • HIV

    HIV infects T lymphocytes and macrophages in the body and depletes cells necessary for immunity. HIV is said to be incurable and causes 680,000 deaths annually.

  • Child Labor

    According to the "Global Estimates of Child Labor," published for the first time in four years, there are 160 million child laborers in the world.

  • ALS Incurable Disease

    ALS is an intractable disease in which the nerves that move muscles and control movement (motor neurons) are damaged. This results in the loss of the brain's command to "move the arms and the legs," which causes loss of physical strength and muscle emaciation.

Contact us Please use this form to inquire about the Foundation, to make a donation (individual or corporate), or to discuss partnerships.



Together with DREAM BOX...

DREAM BOX has been partnering with NGOs and NPOs in various ways to solve global issues, such as joint research, collaboration with NGOs and NPOs, and donations from corporations.

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